Milling - one of the most popular methods of processing materials used for the manufacturing parts and items from any metal. This type of work is widely used by experts across the globe.

We provide all types of milling:

  • end-cutting - for manufacturing undercuts, grooves, slots, windows, pockets, wells.
  • figured milling - for the production of profiles.
  • butt milling - milling of large surfaces.
  • Peripheral etc.

During milling, the mill (special cutting tool) which consists of a number of edges affects a metal workpiece. It moves in the direction of feed, allowing to cut off the layers of workpiece material

Unlike turning during milling workpiece does not rotate but is fixed to the machine bed stationary. A metal layer can be removed in different directions: vertically, horizontally or at a certain angle.

Milling can be applied to a variety of surfaces: from plain flat to cutting threads.

  • manufacturing of complex shapes from a solid material
  • accurate positioning of the holes
  • accurate cutting
  • the possibility of relief milling
  • angular grooves, notches for folding composite materials
  • high cutting speed
  • straight edges

800 * 250 mm

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