Jig-grinding is performed by the movement of the workpiece on the coordinate table. These machines are suitable for use with workpieces both of small and of fairly large size. In processing complex parts this ensures high precision of work.

Jig-grinding equipment can handle the following types of surfaces of various metals and alloys:

  • • screws;
  • • flat;
  • • conical;
  • • cylindrical;
  • • straight;
  • • curved;
  • • holes;
  • • molds.

There is a possibility of grinding the cross-cutting surfaces as well as ledges or recesses, for which the abrasive heads are used.

The jig grinding machine consists of a table that moves in multiple directions. This allows you to perform accurately volume and contour grinding. Machines of this type significantly reduce the processing time because they eliminate the need of changing the workpiece position.

Due to the high level of automation and accuracy of all processes jig grinding machines are distinguished for their efficiency and productivity.

Maximum dimensions of processed parts:
50 * 200 * 350 mm

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