Jig boring differ from milling that the hole drilling, boring, and also milling of parts are made with high accuracy and high surface finish. Depending on the location of the processing tool there are distinguished machines for horizontal boring and for vertical boring.

Jig boring allows to perform such operations as processing the hole-butts and grooves, tapered and curved surfaces, mating with each other.

Boring is performed produced on cast or drilled holes to increase the size and achieve precise diameter. It eliminates excessive roughness of the surface of the product. These works are carried out at low speeds, allowing you to achieve the processing of the details with very high precision (up to tenths and hundredths of a millimeter). Such works are performed by special precision instrument.

The technological process of boring is as follows: first the hole is drilled, then it is reamed (dilated) or bored, by which a high-precision part of required quality and parameters is obtained as a result. This type of work is done with the help of special boring cutters, ensuring utmost precision boring. Boring tools can be of backing type for processing blind holes and walkthrough for processing through holes.

Our equipment allows jig boring of workpieces, the dimensions of which must not exceed:
D 250 mm - the maximum diameter of the bore

table dimensions: 840 * 585 * 320 mm

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