Drilling is a type of mechanical treatment with a bore. Virtually any item in a composite structure has openings for durable and reliable fastening of elements. Use of different bores allows to produce holes varying in diameter and depth.

Drilling is the rotational movement of a bore and the feed is the longitudinal movement of a bore or of a workpiece. In our company we use various equipment for drilling: from simple drills to automatic drilling machines.

Types of drilling works:
  • drilling cylindrical holes;
  • drilling oval holes;
  • drilling multifaceted holes;
  • reaming (increasing diameter).
Equipment for drilling works
  • Drilling cylindrical and multifaceted holes is made by means of differing in size bores. Basic materials for bores:
  • carbon steel (for soft metals)
  • low-alloy steels with higher heat resistance (for soft metals and alloys)
  • high-speed steels (for metals in non-hardened state)
  • bores with carbide tip (for non-hardened steels, non-ferrous alloys at high speeds)
  • bores with borazon (for hardened steels, cast iron, non-ferrous metals);
  • diamond bores (for solids).

Depending on the design and the location of the spindle drilling machines can be divided into three main classes:

  • single spindle for vertical drilling. Allows to get the holes with a diameter up to 75 mm. They are also suitable for boring, reaming, countersinking, threading.
  • Desktop drills. They are used for making holes in small details
  • Radial drilling machines. Essential for boring holes in large parts that are difficult to move to the spindle

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