Metal bending is a transformative technology, in which from a flat workpiece a volumetric product is obtained without the use of welds and other seams and joints. This type of processing allows to obtain robust and reliable high-precision parts.

Bending metal sheets is done by folding part of a sheet at a certain angle using a special shock equipment and presses. In the modern industrial production methods of bending are divided into:

  • • panoramic bending by rotation,
  • • bending with the scrolling,
  • • bending by stamping.

Stamping – a method of processing of metals by pressure, in which the shape and dimensions of the product are determined by the configuration of the stamp.

Cold stamping - one of the most advanced and cost-effective technologies for the production of blanks and finished parts of products. Cold stamping is the most popular nowadays technology of small and medium series production of items from sheet metal.


  • • processed parts have high strength at relatively low weight and are distinguished by rationality of forms.
  • • low cost of manufacturing
  • • optimal price of steel and aluminum items in series production.

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