Powder coating - is the modern, environmentally friendly and reliable method of painting of metal products.

  • fast application
  • long-term appearance
  • resistance to mechanical defects
  • resistance to any weather conditions: moisture, acid, salt, not afraid of low or high temperature
  • protection against adverse external influences
  • environmentally friendly composition
  • rich color palette.
  • there are no solvents in the powder paint composition that can damage the metal surface.
  • optimal cost

Our company offers the possibility of powder coating for any metal structures.

The company carries out powder coating works on modern equipment using only paints of well-known and well-established manufacturers.

Nowadays this type of coating of metal products is used in almost all areas:

  • - In the transport sector and agriculture for application to automotive parts, agricultural machinery, road wheels;
  • - In construction - for painting fencing of sports and playgrounds, fittings, aluminum profiles, doors, fixtures, facing materials;
  • - In the manufacturing of equipment: for electrical devices, tools, cabinets, transformers, lighting equipment, industrial machinery, boilers;
  • - protection of oil and gas pipes and systems operating with different conveying media, including at high temperatures, elevated pressures, and other potentially hazardous conditions.

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