About Us

About Us

About MezonMech company


Our products tells for themselves!

The company "Mezonmeh" is a large full cycle metalworking plant. It was founded in 1990. The company produces all kinds of metalworking.

  • • We specialize in execution of class 7-8 difficulty works.
  • • Only highly qualified employees work at the plant.
  • • Our QCD practice "military acceptance", which eliminates the possibility of even a slightest deviation from the drawings and manufacturing technology.
  • • Our tool shop is equipped with all the necessary equipment for any complexity of works.
  • • The machinery park includes more than 100 pieces of equipment.
  • • We have more than 25 years of experience.

Therefore, we ensure quality and timeliness of execution for any order of any complexity!
Metal products - from draft to assembly!
With us you can place an order for manufacturing a metal item of any complexity.
We are trusted by major Russian corporations such as RZD, Almaz Antei, Rosatom and the other medium and small companies.

Rely on professionals!
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